Millenials Need More Mentors Than Managers

Kevin Sheehan has been a successful businessman for many years now. As he is entering the last few projects over his long and illustrious career, he is noticing the new generation is lacking something vital missing in today’s workforce. This is the lack of mentors available out there but a lot of managers.


Kevin Sheehan: from manager to mentor

Millenials are currently the largest generation in the Unites States with jobs and is estimated to make up 75% of the workforce in 2025. With that, Millenials have the most spending power of any generation so it is important to have a work environment in which they thrive. It is funny to see the companies who still have the outdated norms that are still tailored to the older generations especially when it comes to management. Today workers are not seeking a person over them to tell us that budgets are cut or that we will be in big trouble if deadlines are not met. We need new leaders who are set for success and instill in us a sense of bigger purpose and someone who is still highly motivated and motivates others when work gets challenging.

Kevin Sheehan has noticed that change is needed it the corporate culture and those companies who focus on ways to pay attention to adapt to these changes are the ones who will be attracting the most talented employees.


What management should be doing?

The most important aspect is to be creating relationships of trust and understanding between employees and management. It shouldn’t be a big deal for employees to reach out to their managers for any subject or issue. But there should be a respect between employer and employees to not discuss very personal and intimate facts about their lives. The mentorship dynamic is meant to foster a great working environment to build more trust and loyalty than a raise or bonus ever could. It cultivates a mutual relationship instead of feeling like a transaction.

During Kevin Sheehan’s career, there have been times where he has failed at something but never gave up. This has led him to come in stronger and is teaching others that this should not demotivate them but rather make them stronger. Mentors are there to teach employees to take responsibilities for all their actions even though if it was a mistake. Most people don’t thrive when after a mistake they get thrown under the bus but rather be aware they’ve made a mistake given confidence that it can be fixed.

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