Downsize Your Home, Start To Enjoy Life

Handy is a company that operates in North America in the business of putting people in touch with professional cleaners and other people who can do things around the house. Since people may not always have the time or know-how to get things done around the house, it is best to hire someone to just get that item crossed off your to-do list. It can be something as small as putting shelves together or cleaning up the garage.


Home design according to your style

It is known that when you are in a place that is free of clutter, you also free up your mind, which contributes to mental health wellness. The trend nowadays is to design your home in a minimalistic way and the pieces are not too bulky and take up less space. There are even a lot of celebrities embracing this trend since it does help them out more than just enjoying their living space a little better. As we are moving away from the trend from the 90s and early 00s that we are what we own, people are realizing that the move stuff they buy do not bring them happiness. It is just not a good feeling to be a slave to a mortgage since it isn’t what it is portrayed to be. That is why this movement is going to a direction of a freedom first lifestyle that helps them have more time for the things that matter most such as spending more time with friends and family.


The trend towards portable homes

There has been an increase of small homes that are portable that shrink traditional property-driven confines can’t be overseen when looking at talking about downsizing and mobility. Let’s say the trend in living in a tiny home on wheels goes away, the mindset and freedom-first lifestyle will keep growing. Newer generations are looking into eco-friendly residences that take up less energy and require fewer materials then the average American home. If you think about it, the more time we have, we can spend it in doing more things that can improve ourselves or spend it people that matter. Handy has known that from the start and has made it their mission to make sure people have the time to invest in them. Time is our most valuable asset and increasing amounts of people are starting to realize this.

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