Save Money

How to Save Money on a Day to Day Basis

Everybody wants to be savvy with their money and it’s a smart thing to do. However, day to day expenses can add up, so it is smart to save money in all the ways you can, big and small. Think about your schedule and start selecting activities that you may be able to cut back on.


First off, think about how you spend money on food. Do you eat out a lot? Do you tend to splurge on fancy morning coffee drinks? Do you order food a lot? If you said yes to any of these questions, you should start considering alternatives to your current habits. Take a trip to the grocery store and start eating at home more. A lot of grocery stores have weekly deals on different types of foods too, so even more savings! When it comes to morning coffee runs, maybe limit yourself to how many times a week, or start brewing some delicious coffee at home.


Second, consider how much you spend on travel whether that be your everyday commute or traveling long distances. Do you take public transit? Do you use ridesharing services or cabs? Do you rent cars when you travel to new places? If you said yes to using public transit, keep using it! Public transit is affordable and gets you where you need to be. If you said yes to ridesharing or cabs, consider why you need to use those services. If you are using them instead of public transit, consider making a switch, you’ll save money and help the environment. When it comes to renting cars while traveling, always look for the best deals. You can even check out Groupon Coupons for Alamo, and save a ton on car rentals on your next trip.


Lastly, if you tend to spend a lot of money on random things, just start cutting back. Life is all about adventuring and trying out new things, but doing that should not break the bank. Make good decisions when it comes to unnecessary spending and ask yourself “Do I need this or do I want this?”. Just watch your spending on different things, and you will be saving money in no time.