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Kik Online Messenger – All You Need To Know About Spam on Kik

With the increase in advancement and involvement of social media in our day to day lives, we have found new ways of interaction and staying in touch with our friends and family. One such platform is Kik.

Kik has been quite popular since its inception among many people. With Kik, you will not only send out free instant messages to your friends and family, but can also share audio, video files and even send out some amazing and funny stickers for better interaction.

However, just like any other social media or application, Kik may also receive spam. Hence, every Kik user must know that how to identify a spam and how to get rid of it. Knowing this will make your Kik using experience more fun and free of any tension.

From where Does The Spam Come?

Though Kik Interactive, the company behind the chat app, is highly concerned about the safety and privacy of its users, but there are still chances of receiving spam. Kik is a very easy chat app that can be registered by anyone who is above 13.

There are thousands of Kik users who daily interact with different people around the world, but it is not always that the user on the other side is genuine. They may send you spam messages and can harass you by hacking your account. There are many ways to identify and deal with Kik Spam.

How Can You Recognize A Spam?

Though it is not that easy to identify spam, you can try some of these methods to stay safe.

  • Many times, the spam comes with very poor English or grammatical errors as they are often created in countries where the first language is not English. Thus, you can have a hint of spam, if you spot a poor sounding English.
  • You have to identify that is there something unusual about the conversation. The prime nature of spam is to obtain more and more information from you. So, if you find irrelevant questions or find something odd about the conversation, it can be spam.
  • If the user is a spam, they will send you irrelevant links for no reason. They send you links that lead to great offers or discounts which will tempt you clicking on them. Never click on such links, as they are likely to be

How to Eliminate a Spam?

When you identify a spam, you urgently need to report it. You can report the spam from your chat following these steps:

  • On your chat page, tap on the Display name at the top. Then tap on three vertical dots icon right there at the top right corner.
  • Then tap on Report. There will be an option, “This is a spam bot.” Choose that option.
  • Finally, tap on Report and Block.

Another way to report a spam is through ‘New Chats’ list. Follow these steps:

  • Open the chat, and tap on Ignoring.
  • Tap on Report and Block option on Android and Report on iOS.
  • Then tap on ‘this is a spam bot ‘
  • If you want to report your chat history, make sure to tap on the Include chat history option.
  • Finally, tap on Report and Block.

Also, you must know if it is a spam, you will get a warning first about continuing to that link. The feature ‘New chat’ on Android and iOS, allow you to put messages from people you haven’t talked to before in a separate section, so that you can keep yourself away from them if you want to.

Never trust these links and open them unless you are sure they are safe. Also, keep your Kik app upgraded for better performance.