Taragh Bracken Investigates South Chicago Shootings

It’s no caveat that South Chicago is stricken with gun violence. In 2017 alone, approximately 400 people have been found dead due to getting caught up in such street violence. And even more surprisingly, 2,100 people have been shot in this city that is often dubbed the murder capital of the United States of America. It has been told that it is very easy for individuals to get shot if they do not bring a gun with them on an evening promenade from the comfort of their home to the town’s local grocery store.


When a reporter asked Taragh Bracken about the gun laws that are supposed to protect citizens from holding a firearm, this lawyer retorted that it has become very easy for individuals—especially in Chicago—to get their hands on illegal firearms. All they have to do is visit the back of a pharmacy or corner store and make a hefty payment to lay their hands on their own gun. One Chicagoan was armed with a gun that is often used for military purposes—and is most definitely not legal in the state. When Bracken asked him why he carried such a gun, he answered that it was a means of protection for him. That it is highly dangerous terrain where he lives, and that he is holding onto this treasure of protection until he can get himself and his family out into better neighbourhoods and circumstances.


Sure, the police raids these obscenely dangerous areas day in and day out, however the crew who holds such weapons would rather that they are found with an illegal firearm by the authorities than found with nothing to protect themselves with by a rival that hopes to do harm.


“The issue is that many innocent children and people get caught up in the fire—causing for unnecessary loss. Any loss should be avoided, but it happens to be that many individuals get caught in the wrong place at the wrong time in South Chicago. Drive-by shootings are a thing, here in Chicago, making it difficult for officials to track down the suspects”, iterated Bracken during an interview on Sunday morning.


“Don’t ever walk outside past dark in the South Side of Chicago. Oftentimes, you shouldn’t even be seen by day. And be aware of those windows. A young boy, not long ago, took a bullet to the head by a fluke shooting that was happen outside even though he was playing in the comfort of his own bedroom,” she finalizes her remarks.