Ice Cream Tasting Spoons

Plastic Versus Wood for Ice Cream Tasting Spoons

People are always interested in sampling a little bit of a new ice flavor before committing to a whole cone or dish of the stuff. That is where ice cream spoons are useful. Consider the advantages of two different tasting spoons below.

Plastic Spoons

It’s no secret that using plastic spoons to indulge in frozen treats is often the simplest solution. Plastic gelato spoons can be bought in bulk, and they can be easily discarded after use. Some people also find comfort using a plastic spoon. It suggests the treat is being eaten on the go. It also provides the smoothest texture for the tongue when eating gelato or ice cream.

Wooden Spoons

Wooden spoons are also terrific for tasting. A plastic spoon is sometimes too flimsy to dig out a piece of really cold ice cream, and there is nothing more frustrating than having to wait for a something to melt a little before it can be effectively sampled. A sturdy, wooden spoon helps prevent this catastrophe. Also, a wooden spoon is great for mining out those tasty chunks of sweets sometimes embedded within a serving of ice cream. Wooden spoons also lend a little bit of class. Few foods are meant to paired with wooden utensils. Additionally, some people actually like the slight taste of wood when they use a wooden spoon to sample a flavor. It reminds some people of enjoying the last bit of a Popsicle on a wooden stick in the summer.

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