Contesting Wills

Important Details on How Will Should be Challenged

In most of the wills that are challenged in today’s modern society more 90% are from the wealthy families who are unsatisfied and feel cheated with the share that have been distributed to them. Hence many legal battles break out even if a single family member feels there is something fishy with the will.  If any of family members feel the testator was not in a right frame of mind at the time of creating the will then he or she is authorized in Contesting a Will Victoria. A will challenge is nothing but challenging the validity of will or its wording. If a will has to be challenged in the court of law any of the following criteria ought to be met. It has to be proved that the will was prepared at a time when the testator was not mentally all there. Mental pressure was put on the testator at the time of drafting the will by one of the legal heirs. The will was improperly witnessed or signed. The will was made by a third party. If any of the above is proved then Contesting Wills is not at all an issue. The court would look into the matter and would settle the dispute and make sure justice is done to one and all.

Wondering What Probate Court is all about

Probated court is an approved legal course of action which is supposed and tries to make sure that the estate of those deceased is distributed to the rightful legal heirs. The process of the probate has many hurdles to be crossed. The validity of the person dead has to be verified. The second and equally important goal to be achieved is to identify and create an inventory of the estate of the person who is dead. Revaluing the estate is the third goal to be accomplished by the probate. The fourth and the most important goal which needs to be met are clearing all the debts and get the taxes fully settled. Last but not the least is to make sure that the property reaches the hands of the rightful legal heirs with hardly any dispute raised.