Brad Roemer Uses Storage And Art To Organize His Kitchen

If you think about it, the kitchen can be seen as the command unit of your entire home. How many times a day to you spend fishing through your kitchen cupboard and overstuffed fridge? The kitchen is one of our most intimate entities, as we can be seen either cooking up a storm for our family and friends, meal prepping in the early hours of the day prior to leaving the house for work, brewing a fresh pot of coffee or gathering together a few snacks to calm our afternoon cravings… These are all justifiable reasons for spending some quality one-on-one time with the kitchen counters. Brad Roemer and his significant other are pros at making that quality time well worth it thanks to an artistic, chaos-free heaven of a kitchen.


Use Storage Units To Reduce Disorganization

Despite all the necessary moments we spend in the kitchen, the disorganized chaos that it permits if not routinely cleaned and maintain can cost us a lot of money in food waste and take-out orders. More and more, North Americans are seen enjoying a feast at their local restaurant versus whipping up a home-made roast in the oven. On top of it, both men and women are out there making big money in the work force, leaving little time for the apron. While this can pose a disconcerting problem, a Handy solution does exist. Certain techie apps allow you to schedule your own walk-in handyperson to install a spectacular storage unit in your kitchen that will promote wellness and keep you feeling saner.


Tactics To Eating Healthy

Another handy tactic to curb your sweet tooth is placing your fruits and veggies front and center in your fridge. Invest in clear containers that you clean out every week at the same time you chop and clean your fresh produce. Brad Roemer and his wife follow the 80%, 20% rule in their kitchen when they do groceries. Since they both raise two children and have full-time, boisterous jobs to handle on the side, they have decided as a family to purchase 80% of their food as fresh produce, meats or grains that add to a wholesome diet. The rest of their food options can be left to artificial condiments, junk food (popsicles and cookies are high up on the list for these kiddos) and fun lunch options such as lunchables and dairy products. Every ingredient is then cleanly organized and stored in the Roemer’s pantry, allowing for the house to use food as a décor item. A smooth criminal of a move, you’ll never want to go back when you start implementing an artistic flair to the way you store your food products.

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