10 design elements to improve your website

There’s much more to a website than words and pictures, although these tend to be the aspects that most business owners focus on. Read on to discover 10 design elements that could lift your website above the ordinary.

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1 Colour

According to an article in Entrepreneur, the colours you choose for your branding can directly influence how consumers engage with your brand, so choose your colour palette with great care.

2 Space

It’s tempting to cram each web page with content and images, but try paying attention to the areas of white space, or blank space, within your site. This lets the content and images sing out far better than a cluttered design.

3 Shapes

The shapes you use can draw the visitor’s eye to the part of your web page that you want them to see. This is best left to expert designers, but you can easily source a professional London web design company with a highly skilled design team such as web development services by Redsnapper, for example.

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4 Lines

Lines on a web page can trick the eye into following them to a call-to-action, or special offer on your site.

5 Fonts

The fonts you use can add emphasis, gravitas, or even a light-hearted touch – but choose wisely and avoid Comic Sans, for example.

6 Scale

Clever use of scale can make parts of your web page stand out, catching the visitor’s attention without being too obvious about it.

7 Emphasis

Emphasis and contrast help to make aspects of your web page more prominent, adding interest to your core message and drawing the reader’s eye to where you want it to go.

8 Balance

There has been a trend for some time for symmetry in web design, but increasing numbers of web designers are now extolling the virtues of asymmetry, as it stands out from the crowd and, done correctly, is pleasing to the eye.

9 Texture

Your web pages may be two-dimensional, but adding texture gives a more immersive, three-dimensional effect

10 Harmony

Picking random design elements and hoping for the best will never make a web page good to look at. Spend time ensuring that all the design elements on your site work well together, creating a coherent message that visitors will recognise, and hopefully warm to, for the best results.

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